About Tung Tung  Over 40  Years  Professional  Manufacturer

Women's Sexy Lingerie, Bodystocking, Pantyhose, Thigh-High Stockings, Anklet Socks.


y1981       Tung Tung Enterprise Co., Ltd was founded.

y1981       Independent brand PUFISH marketing overseas countries.

y2010       International female brand was born.

y2011       Funs International Trading Co., Ltd was established in Shanghai, China

y2012       Create younger I generation brand - Bébé Bise




Tung Tung Enterprise Co., Ltd was founded in 1981.

The factory located in Chang-Hua county She-tou, the important village of the production of hosiery. 

    Main production of various kinds of Men & Women socks during the early, and excellent quality, OEM development and production Men dress socks and casual socks for domestic famous brands normally.

    More than 37 years rich experience was a trustworthy manufacturer and have good reputation in the industry.

    And have achieved well-known foreign brands trademark authorized, TUNG TUNG also market its products under its own band, and marketing overseas countries for ODM &OEM service proverbially. And be recognized from many large brands, contract produce choicest products, customers spread all over U.S.A, Canada, Singapore, Japan and Hong Kong.

    Recent years, because of expanding fishnet stockings and lingerie, moved footprints across French, Greek and Spain.



Uttermost Innovation, Perfect Quality

TUNG TUNG have advanced computerize production equipment, imported specialized hosiery knitting machines from Germany, Japan, Italy and related machines. And which invested heavily in R&D to enhance the level of production and technology. Beside private brands the quarterly new styles still accepted Original Design Manufacturing from Clients to seek uttermost innovative new products, almost perfect quality and meet all customers various needs.


Love the land, Persistent Originality

TUNG TUNG with the pure heart insist the spirit of originality and love the land, not only produce men & women cotton socks, infants & kids socks, basketball(tennis)sport socks, office workers dress socks but make environment-friendly and health source material socks (such as Bamboo Charcoal socks, Herb Nano-silver ion socks, Compression stockings….health care series).

All goods are produced from natural non-toxic raw yarn and inspected by SGS agency. The finished products are free from LEAD content in fabric dye, fits for all ages to be rest assured to wear with comfort, good reputation for consumers and popular with institutions & organizations.


Toward the international market, Expanding Areas

TUNG TUNG focused on female consumers, develop exclusive products only for women, Pantyhose, Thigh High, in addition imported all kinds of warp knitting machines such as French Raschel, Tricot, Crochet…..etc. 


All sorts of seamless body stockings and Raschel sexy lingerie, created for different female, and cast eyes to the overseas, after several years clear away the obstacles ran hardly, now have got great achievement.

Exporting to the countries of Europe and American monthly occupied a significant proportion in the revenue of head office.  Funs International Trading Co., Ltd. was established in 2011, located in Shanghai city, responsible for the local business of effective management and operation, expect China market also can developing vigorously.


To participate in fashion show at home and abroad regularly, walk out self-imposed restriction, directly face the needs of customer, products show perfectly to the public, cooperation and development with world famous brands continuously, to improve production technology and create higher value products, expanding earnings in overseas markets is an important milestone of ongoing endeavor in the future.

All the products of Tung Tung are 100% made in Taiwan, ensuring high quality standard.

Tung Tung Enterprise Co., Ltd. also provides Private Label services.
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